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The Best Solution Ever for a Fussy Toddler

Sensory bottles have been the latest craze in our house. Not only for Joshua but for mom too! We have made 5 sensory bottles over the past two weeks. They take little to no effort to throw together!

Sensory bottles are often referred to as “calm down” bottles. The name says it all! When my son is going through one of his tantrums, more times than not a sensory bottle will help calm him down.

He gets mesmerized by watching the glitter descending and this calms his breathing and helps regulate his emotions.

I wanted to share one of the super simple bottles Joshua and I made.

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The first thing you’ll need is a water bottle. I prefer using Voss brand. The plastic is thick and durable. The top openings are also pretty wide, which makes it ideal to stuff all of the pretties in the bottle.

Make sure to pour the yummy water into a glass for yourself to enjoy!

The stickers on the Voss bottles peel off great, leaving no residue!

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Did y’all think I was lying?! When I said little to no effort, that’s what I meant! This is everything that you’ll need, not including water.

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Empty water out of the bottle, peel the stickers off the bottle
  2. Add the beads and glitter
  3. Fill up with water (I know that some people prefer to use baby oil vs. water. They say it helps the glitter, not “clump”. I’ve never had an issue using just water though.
  4. Superglue the lid onto the bottle (optional). I opt-in to do this because I do not want a glitter bomb going off all over my carpet.
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Final Product!

I was able to get everything we need to make our sensory bottles at Dollar Tree, except the Voss Water Bottles. Typically the only place I seem to find these water bottles is Publix or Amazon.

If you come up with a great sensory bottle idea I’d love to hear your idea! Drop a comment or shoot me a message!


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