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Random Amazon Must-Haves

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We all know an Amazon addict or 5 right? Maybe you are one yourself. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself an Amazon addict, but Derek, on the other hand, may qualify for that title!

Amazon is the king of online shopping. Do you need diapers? They can help with that. What about a new TV? Check. Does Mom want a new hot hair tool? Hit up Amazon! It’s literally like an online Walmart, but on a whole other level.

Whenever I come across something that I need Amazon is the first place I look. I can buy it from my couch in my PJ’s and have it delivered right to my door within a day or two.

There are a few random items from Amazon that I consider a must-have, and I want to share them with you!

The first thing that is a MUST have, especially if you have guests over a lot, is Poopouri. If you’ve never heard of this before it’s basically a fragrance spray, made from essential oils, that coats the top of the water in the toilet bowl which holds in the foul odor.

And let me add….yes this works!

Poopouri is a great thing to keep in office bathrooms, downstairs half bathrooms, doctor office bathrooms, etc. You get the point! They also make smaller bottles that can be carried around in your purse. Never worry about anyone knowing you’ve done the deed..HA!

Derek and I love our Wyze Cams! Whether you need a budget-friendly baby monitor or security camera, this can do both.

Wyze has an app that can be downloaded on Google Play or the App Store. On the app, you can view every camera that’s linked to your wifi network, in live-action. The camera has day and night vision, as well as two-way audio.

We have a Wyze Cam in our toddler’s room, that acts as his baby monitor.

It’s super nice because we’re alerted via the Wyze App every time motion/sound is detected in his room.

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Here is an example of what we see. Obviously my cute little dude sleeping sweet and sound. There is a record button so if you’re using this cam as a security camera and something is going on, simply hit record and it’ll save to your album.

If you hold down the speak button, it’ll transmit over to the cam and out the cam speaker.

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What we love the most about this cam….whenever the camera detects sound/motion it automatically starts recording and saves a 14-second clip to the Wyze album.

One Wyze Cam can be shared with multiple family members so everyone can have access to its live stream and video recordings. Just have your family members download the Wyze app and invite them to your account. Camera sharing can also be easily removed, in the settings.

I wouldn’t consider this item budget-friendly, but it’s a coffee maker….so it’s a must-have! Derek and I received this Nespresso Machine from my mom last Christmas.

This machine can brew single-serve cups or espresso shots. This particular above comes with a milk frother which creates the perfect finish to your single serve coffee beverages such as cappuccino or latte.

Depending on what pod you insert to brew depends on the ounces of coffee you get. Espresso (1. 35 oz. ), Double Espresso (2. 7 oz. ), Gran Lungo (5 oz. ), Coffee (7. 7 oz. ) and alto (14 oz. ).

The Nespresso brand coffee has got to be one of the highest quality tasting coffees I’ve ever had.

One downside to the Nespresso pods is the price. BUT if you’re a coffee fanatic, like our household, it’ll be worth it!

The reason I consider these items “must-haves” is: 1. Everyone poops (let’s just be honest), 2. Everyone either needs a baby monitor or security camera, 3. Everyone needs coffee…good coffee!


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