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Money made blogging in 1 month

This isn’t my typical “mom blog” post but I wanted to share this. Money made blogging in 1 month. Defiantly not a lot, but it shows me that there is money to be made blogging.

Keep in mind my number of page views is still pretty low. Low enough to become discouraging, but I won’t let that stop me!

page views 1 month
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I’ve only had Google Analytics up and running with my account since the first week of this month. So let’s just say in 19 days I’ve had 357 page views. I know the month is not over yet but I wanted to get this out before the holidays. And let’s be real…I may not make any more money now through the end of December anyway.

Where my money made blogging came from:

The two sources I’ve made money through this month are Amazon affiliate links and Google Ads.

money made blogging
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Out of 51 clicks on affiliate links, two people made purchases. From those two purchases, I made a whopping total of $1.17.

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Google Analytics

For my three clicks on Google Adsense, I made an outstanding $1.59.

This brings me to a total of $2.76. This I am proud of! Being new to the blogging world and hearing holiday months are a drag for most, I’m not that disappointed with this amount.

Also, if you’re still in need of some Christmas presents for mom be sure to check out this post!


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