5 Things Productive Moms Accomplish before 9 AM
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5 Things Productive Moms Accomplish before 9 AM

I’m one of those people where if I don’t get up and moving first thing in the morning I will not get anything accomplished. To say I have a checklist of things I like to get done first thing every morning would be a lie. But I do have a little morning routine that I like to complete by about 9.

Let’s be real though…if my son sleeps in crazy late then mama is going to lounge for a little while longer. That doesn’t happen too often. We’ve got to take advantage of the good things in life!

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A good morning routine can help set productivity for the remainder of the day. Nowadays it’s not uncommon for us to wake up and start scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. When I do this it tends to be a big setback because at that point in time I’m not focusing on what is important…getting a productive head start on my day.

The 5 Things Productive Moms Accomplish before 9 AM

  1. Brush my teeth. This may seem trivial to some but for myself it holds importance. As a stay at home mom as soon as the kids are up there is no stopping. So, if I don’t brush my teeth & wash my face before my son wakes up then it may be hours before I get the chance to do so. If I’m running around the house with unbrushed teeth I’m not highly motivated to do much more because my first simple task hasn’t even been completed.
  2. Make the bed. Again, some of you may be thinking this is insignificant. Making sure my bed is made (almost) every morning is a huge deal. If I don’t make it and leave the house it’s equivalent to leaving the house with unbrushed teeth..eww. It almost throws me into cleaning mode. Like “ok this is done. Now, what can I do next to make the bedroom look even better”. I mean having the bed nice and tidy makes one’s room look so much better! Making the bed is an awesome & super-easy way to kick start the day.
  3. Tidy up the living room. Most nights my boyfriend lounges out on the couch before he comes to bed. I can always expect to go out there and find the blanket unfolded, maybe even on the floor. Along with the couch pillows being all over the place. I don’t know about y’all but this drives me crazy! The basic task of folding a blanket and nicely placing the pillows gets my OCD going. Kidding, but not really.
5 Things Productive Moms Accomplish before 9 AM
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4. Open up the blinds. Opening up the blinds and letting some natural light flow into the house helps us wake up, become alert, and get our energy flowing. Yes, ceiling lights can help but nothing beats natural light. Our bodies have internal clocks. As soon as we see the sun it’s a cue for us to hop up and get active.

5. Set goals for the day. This is the real breadwinner. Setting goals is a must-do for getting anything done. If no goals are in place then how does one know what to do for the day? Employees at work have daily goals. Whether it be making X amount of dollars in sales, completing a spreadsheet, etc. It should be the same for us stay at home moms. It’s easy to get swept away by the day and not get much of anything done. Yes, we fed the kids, changed diapers, and tended to all of their needs. But, what was accomplished for you?

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Check out this cute 2020 daily planner! I’ve snagged one to help me organize my day.

Maybe you’re having trouble waking up and getting much accomplished due to the baby being up multiple times throughout the night. If so, check out this post on How to get baby to sleep through the night!

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