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5 Meals for Under $45 from ALDI!

5 meals for a family of 4, all for under $45, and all can be on the table and served within 35 minutes?!

To be honest, cooking is not my most favorite thing in the world. The less time I can spend in the kitchen the better. Also, the less time I spend in the grocery store the BETTER!

Here I’m going to tell you how to buy 5 nights’ worth of dinners for you and your family, all for under $45! These items are priced based out of Aldi, so if you get them from somewhere else you may be looking at spending a little more then $45. To all of my Aldi shoppers, don’t forget your quarter!

We are currently a family of 3 (soon to be 4). 2 adults and one toddler. Whenever I make these meals there is always enough for Derek and me to have lunch the next day. There is plenty here to feed a family of 4!

Monday: Never Any! Mild Italian Chicken Sausage – $3.29, Bag of White Rice – $2.19, Frozen steamable Broccoli – $1.05

TACO Tuesday: Ground beef – $5.29, 3 ct. peppers – $3.19, soft tortillas – $2.19, shredded cheese – $3.09, Sour Cream – 0.99, rice from Monday

*Buy whatever cheese you wish! I buy a big bag of Mozzarella and use it for Thursday and Friday night dinners. That’s how I’m able to keep a $45 budget.

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Wednesday: Pork Tenderloin – $4.54, Frozen Brussel Sprouts – $1.25, a bag of frozen dinner rolls – $2.85

Thursday: Pizza Night! Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Crust – $3.29 (This package comes with 3 mini pizza crusts and sauce. Depending on how much pizza will be eaten you may need a 2nd package of crust), leftover cheese from Taco Tuesday

Friday: Chicken Breasts- $5.72, a bag of Potatoes – $2.65, leftover sour cream and cheese for potatoes, leftover dinner rolls

When I add up all of the prices here it brings the total to $41.58! Guys, that’s a steal. You end up spending $8.31 on dinner nightly, and for a family of 4, that’s only $2.07 a person per night!!

Feel free to add in more ingredients. I’m just trying to keep it simple and budget-friendly for busy mamas!


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